WordCamp Birmingham UK 2015

WordCamp Birmingham UK 2015 logo strip version


WordCamp Birmingham UK 2015 took place on the weekend of 7-8 February 2015 in Birmingham at The Studio Birmingham, 7 Cannon Street, Birmingham B2 5EP, United Kingdom.

Tickets have sold out and sponsorship for the event has now finished.

This was the follow-up to WordCamp Bournemouth UK 2014 and is number 8 in the WordPress weekend series for WordPress publishers, designers and developers.

The principles of a participant-driven unconference are used for this event.

The agenda is built online – participants can propose sessions, which are then added to a multi-track two day running order which also shows related social events.

Links to session slides and other media are in the events reports.

The venue was the close runner-up in a ballot of registered WPUK Discuss users from a number of proposals.

This conference logo is by Jonny Albut, the t-shirt and mug are designed by Jonathan Harris, the event is put together by the organising team and produced by WPUK.

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  • Human Made
  • Studio A2
  • Web Marketing Clinic
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