WordCamp Birmingham UK 2015 running order

WordCamp Birmingham UK 2015 logo strip version

Running order grid

WordCamp Birmingham UK 2015 running order version 2.60 (4 February 2015).

Sessions must be listed on the content ideas page, which includes details of how to propose a session, before being included in the running order.

  • RM1 = everyone in Room 1
Time Room 1
(Explore Room)
Room 2
(Innovate Room)
Room 3
(Think and Smile Room)
Room 4
(Achieve Room)
Friday 6 February 2015
1900-late Friday social
Saturday 7 February 2015
0930-1015 Registration/coffee
Grid (if required)
1015-1030 Introduction RM1 RM1 RM1
1030-1050 Improving the UX of search in WP
Steven Jones
Turbo-speed your WordPress website!
Mike Pead
Hands-on introduction to WordPress
Mike Little
Common Room
1100-1120 Theme building tricks of the trade
Jonny Allbut
Get your Git on
Matt Radford
1130-1220 Training clients on how to use WordPress
Brian Duffy
Real-time WordPress
Josh Hillier
1230-1330 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
1330-1420 Catering for WordPress
Kirsty Burgoine
Content manage everything!
Mark Wilkinson
How to build better businesses for your customers
Mike Killen
Common Room
1430-1450 Building a business by using WordPress as an application framework for universities
Nathan Monk
Mind your language! A practical guide to implementing ‘proper’ language encoding on multilingual WordPress websites
Doug Lawrence, Belinda Mustoe
1500-1520 WOW plugins 2015
Kimb Jones
Automate and integrate WordPress with other applications
Jason King
1530-1700 Lightning talks RM1 RM1 RM1
1700-1715 Close of day 1 RM1 RM1 RM1
1900-late Saturday social
Sunday 8 February 2015
1015-1030 Introduction RM1 RM1 RM1
1030-1050 How to be a brand and not a commodity
Petra Foster
Managing your WordPress site now and for the future
Rachel McCollin
Theme builders workshop
Jonny Allbut
Common Room
1000-1120 WordPress for small and not for profit enterprises
Pauline Roche, Ted Ryan
1130-1150 Customers and the web
Paul Cherry
1200-1220 Why it’s time to stop using Photoshop for web design
Ben Furfie
1230-1400 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
1400-1420 WordPress in local government
Nivaria Morales
How to market and sell more WordPress websites
Karl Craig-West
Extending WordPress using the Advanced Custom Fields plugin
Kirsty Burgoine, Nathan Roberts
Common Room
1430-1450 Content is king
Rachel McCollin
1500-1520 Crowdfunding WordPress plugins – The case of QPress
Jonathan Bishop
1530-1550 Easy, lazy SEO for WordPress sites
Jessica Rose
1600-1630 Closing RM1 RM1 RM1
1630-late Sunday social

Running order notes

  • running order versions are subject to change
  • to present a session you must have a ticket for the conference and, obviously, be present for the relevant session
  • sessions still blank at the beginning of the event will be filled using the grid 0930-1015 on Saturday morning

Workshop notes

If you’re planning to attend any of workshops then note the following:

  • each workshop will last 2 hours 20 minutes – you’ll need to attend the whole workshop
  • you must bring a laptop with you which is capable of connecting to the internet via wifi
  • the workshops are practical – you won’t be listening to someone speak for all that time – instead you’ll be working on practical tasks and activities with the workshop leader’s input and support
  • you will need a clean local installation of WordPress on your laptop for some of the workshops, while for others you will need access to your own website or a local copy of it – it is recommended creating a local copy of your site on your laptop just in case you have problems connecting to the live version, and also to let you practice new skills on a site which isn’t visible to the public
  • the workshop leader will be able to answer any questions you have during the workshop and you’ll also get a chance to discuss ideas, problems and questions with other attendees

Speaker notes

Notes for speakers:

  • speakers need to bring your own laptop or tablet with your presentation on it
  • if your device has non-standard ports, please bring an adapter so it can connect to a standard VGA cable; also bring a power cable or ensure your device is fully charged
  • please upload your presentation to Slideshare and send the organisers a link to it before the event so that we can post all presentations to the website afterwards
  • there will be good wifi at the venue but please be aware that if your presentation is reliant on live access to the internet this may be risky!
  • there will be someone in each room to help speakers get set up before their talk and explain how the equipment works – please make sure you’re in the room 10 minutes before you’re due to start speaking
  • as a speaker you will still need to buy a ticket for the event

Last updated 15 February 2015