WordCamp Lancaster UK 2013 locations investigated

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Detail of locations (city/town) and venues in the UK being investigated for WordCamp Lancaster UK 2013 to avoid duplication of effort and to facilitate the possible pooling of bids.

See 2013 timeline for the outline of bidding process, along with the 2013 venue requirements.

  • location: Lancaster (University)
    • names of bidders: Mark Wilkinson and Fiona Battersby
    • notes: currently investigating the use of Lancaster University conferencing facilities; these investigations are in the early stages but the initial contact does indicate that the majority of the requirements can be met
  • location: Windsor
    • name of Bidder: Gavin Pearce
    • notes: bid submitted with Windsor Racecourse as venue
  • location: Bournemouth
    • name of bidder: Dominique Betts
    • notes: researching the option of using a new conference venue or a hotel; bid will be submitted before the deadline

Last updated 11 March 2014