Access to and use of these WPUK website pages is provided subject to the following privacy policy.

WPUK makes no effort to identify public individual users of this site. No identifying data of such individual users is disclosed to any third party for any purpose.

The above does not apply to users posting material for publication, sending email to WPUK addresses or submitting messages on the contact form.

Email interactions are guided by general net-etiquette conventions.

HTTP requests to the WPUK server are logged. This identifies the following connected with HTTP requests:

  • The originating IP address of user agents requesting a URL
  • The referer
  • The user-agent information

WPUK does not log the specific individual identity of visitors relating to such HTTP requests.

Log files are analysed to determine a number of statistics – for example which are the most requested pages.

Logged information is kept indefinitely as administrative and research material. Aggregate statistics (not identifying individual users) generated from these logs may be reported publicly.

Last updated 6 March 2014